Spritual Nugget: Let Life Live You…

This was the conclusion of my mindfulness devotion this morning.

Let life live you…

At first I had a hard time understanding what it might mean. Because, when people say “just live your life”, I think, “just do what you want” “go with the flow”, “it’s whatever”, or “it is what it is”. So, letting life live me may then interpret as being controlled by life or that it is running me all over the place, which may have somewhat of a negative connotation behind it, especially when everyone’s lives can be so busy at times.

So I pondered on it for a minute and thought, for me, what would it be to “let life live you”? To live, in my opinion, is more than just a breath, a heartbeat, but it’s experiences, passion, love, and happiness. Things that make my life worth it to live or to be alive are how I define living. So I thought, let life “alive” me?…that doesn’t make much since, but to let my life revive me and “bring me to life” makes a lot of since.

Some may argue that their life is not one that would cause them to feel “revived” or “alive” but I disagree. We often allow ourselves to be defined by out life circumstances and choose to believe that there is not positive outcome. Every single person is connected by something that we can’t describe, it’s what bonds us to things and allows us to feel. If you have that, then you have a reason to feel revived and passionate if you can bring yourself to tap in to that power and mindset.

For some reason, my thoughts changed and I discovered that just “living life” sounds so mediocre. What if I let everything I encountered revive me and every experience change me in to something better, regardless of how good or bad it looks at the time. Wouldn’t that be, letting life “live” me? Make me alive, make me whole? Instead of just being alive in my life?

Then I concluded, that regardless of what it’s suppose to mean, I should take the opportunity to seize more moments, make positives from what appear negative and occasionally, just roll with wherever the wind takes me or with whatever changes may come. Easier said than done of course, but the first step is pondering on it.


Good Vibes,



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