Same Ol’ Same Ol’

So here’s the deal friends…

Did not quite hit that challenge like I had hoped to.

Why? you may ask…honestly, I don’t think that it was challenging enough. Got through the detox, which is always the hardest part but then it was back to the way things had been and I hadn’t implemented a strong work out program yet. So many excuses to blame for that (time, weather, tired…etc), none of which were good enough reasons in my opinion.

I am looking in to some other challenges that may be interesting and set me on an even better health path. Currently looking in to a raw challenge, or a raw til 4 deal. Any opinions or ideas about a challenge like that are welcomed!

I do plan on finishing the vegan gluten free challenge outline for anyone who wants to continue on with it!

I also currently have a different phone which makes it hard to post things due to lack of storage and not having the appropriate apps to keep you all updated like I should.

Keep up the good work, more coming soon!

Good Vibes,



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