Faux Meat…Vegan Probs

Last night I made some amazing nachos!! Not to toot my own horn but ::toot toot::

I went to a Health Food Co-op in town and found Gluten-Free, Vegan Chik’n Strips…this NEVER happens! (not where I live anyways…the heart of the south, its meat and tators) I immediately thought, “this would be great on the southwest style nachos I’m gonna make tonight!” So I whip up some fajitas vegetables with the Chik’n Strips and begin to dig in. There was nothing wrong with the strips other than, they were just too “chickeny”, the texture kind of made me squirm.

I have always loved faux meats in the past but since I have become vegan and gluten free, it’s rare that I can find any that fit what I need. In the past year, I have only had quinoa patties, veggie burgers, some vegan jerky, and veggie dogs (which for some reason don’t bother me…go figure). So it was a little strange for me to have something that close to the texture of a meat.

Since I have been eating cleaner, I have found that a lot of faux meats have lots of additives that I am not particularly a fan of so I have steered clear for the most part.  I probably will not purchase them again, however, they seem healthier than most and if you are looking for a stellar alternative that is vegan, these are the ones for you, because they were a great texture, and had wonderful taste!

vegan strips

What do you guys think about eating faux meets? I would love to hear your thoughts about it!





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