I Digress…

Ok, so the title sounds a little dramatic, I know.

This weekend a friend was in town and we had a bonfire with a bunch of friends over and went to pigeon forge the next day. Needless to say, preparation of food and necessary time we’re not at hand.

Of course, I didn’t not stray from the vegan or gluten free diet so do not worry! However, I was suppose to be detoxing and I doubt that accounted for much of what I ate.

For the bonfire a delicious vegan chili was made, veggies and hummus, raw cashew based jalepeno ‘cheese’ dip mixed with ‘rotel’ (I quote for an easier explanation) that was incredibly hard to stop eating. I did have available items to make s’mores but never got around to it. And of course a corn based adult beverage…if you know what I mean.

The next day caused much difficulty when I went to Margaritaville. For a place that is so chill and ‘beachy’ or for a restaurant based off a singer whose words were once sang ‘tried to amend my carnivorous habits’ had virtually zero vegan (veggie burger was vegan, had gluten…of course) options. I commend them for having a vegetarian menu, and a gluten free menu (yes, they were separate and did not have any of the same items on both menus…smh…not surprised). Getting creative, my friend and I order the tacos short of flour shells and any dairy based products. We asked that the waiter to tell the chef he could get creative, add lots of veggies, whatever, since the meal was expected to cost $15.99.

The waiter cautiously brought our food, with almost an embarrassed tone saying ‘this is what he came up with’ as he laid down a huge plate that held a cup of black beans, no more that a half a cup of rice, and literally a spoon full of pico. I know our jaws dropped. I could have gone to the store and come up with a better pre cooked solution than this, even in the basically vegan free pigeon forge area.

I did have to grab the waiter and honestly ask…’are we going to get charged full price for this bc it’s literally a side of beans and rice’?Luckily we had gotten the expensive nachos (with barely anything on them) and made the dinner in to something a little hardier. The waiter was wonderful. He only charged us for a side of beans and brought us a free side aside from the nachos we purchased.

Loved the waiter, loved the atmosphere (live music ::fist bump::) Regardless, won’t be doing that again.

Back at it this week once the leftovers from the weekend have passed. Then on to bigger and better things!

Oh and make me workout! I’m slacking!

Good Vibes,



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