My Progress: Day 2

Day 2 was a rough day in regards to feeling hungry.

I felt hungry most of the day and did not plan the best way that I should have (my sisters choir concert had me not eating dinner until about 8:00) I had to stop and get something before a I went so I opted for a superfoods bar that was the best things I’ve ever tasted. I would have perished otherwise…naturally.

I was tired and sluggish most of the day as well.

I reminded myself that though I had been eating healthy before this challenge, I had stretched my stomach back out by eating bigger portions than I should ::kicking myself:: proving this more difficult than had planned (on the bright side, it’s well after 12:00 day 3 and I’m not super hungry for lunch yet ::smiles::)

I, again went to be pretty early but sometimes your body just tells you what it needs, so I have been tying to listen more…rest when tired!





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