Spritual Nugget: Let Life Live You…

This was the conclusion of my mindfulness devotion this morning.

Let life live you…

At first I had a hard time understanding what it might mean. Because, when people say “just live your life”, I think, “just do what you want” “go with the flow”, “it’s whatever”, or “it is what it is”. So, letting life live me may then interpret as being controlled by life or that it is running me all over the place, which may have somewhat of a negative connotation behind it, especially when everyone’s lives can be so busy at times.

So I pondered on it for a minute and thought, for me, what would it be to “let life live you”? To live, in my opinion, is more than just a breath, a heartbeat, but it’s experiences, passion, love, and happiness. Things that make my life worth it to live or to be alive are how I define living. So I thought, let life “alive” me?…that doesn’t make much since, but to let my life revive me and “bring me to life” makes a lot of since.

Some may argue that their life is not one that would cause them to feel “revived” or “alive” but I disagree. We often allow ourselves to be defined by out life circumstances and choose to believe that there is not positive outcome. Every single person is connected by something that we can’t describe, it’s what bonds us to things and allows us to feel. If you have that, then you have a reason to feel revived and passionate if you can bring yourself to tap in to that power and mindset.

For some reason, my thoughts changed and I discovered that just “living life” sounds so mediocre. What if I let everything I encountered revive me and every experience change me in to something better, regardless of how good or bad it looks at the time. Wouldn’t that be, letting life “live” me? Make me alive, make me whole? Instead of just being alive in my life?

Then I concluded, that regardless of what it’s suppose to mean, I should take the opportunity to seize more moments, make positives from what appear negative and occasionally, just roll with wherever the wind takes me or with whatever changes may come. Easier said than done of course, but the first step is pondering on it.


Good Vibes,



Same Ol’ Same Ol’

So here’s the deal friends…

Did not quite hit that challenge like I had hoped to.

Why? you may ask…honestly, I don’t think that it was challenging enough. Got through the detox, which is always the hardest part but then it was back to the way things had been and I hadn’t implemented a strong work out program yet. So many excuses to blame for that (time, weather, tired…etc), none of which were good enough reasons in my opinion.

I am looking in to some other challenges that may be interesting and set me on an even better health path. Currently looking in to a raw challenge, or a raw til 4 deal. Any opinions or ideas about a challenge like that are welcomed!

I do plan on finishing the vegan gluten free challenge outline for anyone who wants to continue on with it!

I also currently have a different phone which makes it hard to post things due to lack of storage and not having the appropriate apps to keep you all updated like I should.

Keep up the good work, more coming soon!

Good Vibes,


Faux Meat…Vegan Probs

Last night I made some amazing nachos!! Not to toot my own horn but ::toot toot::

I went to a Health Food Co-op in town and found Gluten-Free, Vegan Chik’n Strips…this NEVER happens! (not where I live anyways…the heart of the south, its meat and tators) I immediately thought, “this would be great on the southwest style nachos I’m gonna make tonight!” So I whip up some fajitas vegetables with the Chik’n Strips and begin to dig in. There was nothing wrong with the strips other than, they were just too “chickeny”, the texture kind of made me squirm.

I have always loved faux meats in the past but since I have become vegan and gluten free, it’s rare that I can find any that fit what I need. In the past year, I have only had quinoa patties, veggie burgers, some vegan jerky, and veggie dogs (which for some reason don’t bother me…go figure). So it was a little strange for me to have something that close to the texture of a meat.

Since I have been eating cleaner, I have found that a lot of faux meats have lots of additives that I am not particularly a fan of so I have steered clear for the most part.  I probably will not purchase them again, however, they seem healthier than most and if you are looking for a stellar alternative that is vegan, these are the ones for you, because they were a great texture, and had wonderful taste!

vegan strips

What do you guys think about eating faux meets? I would love to hear your thoughts about it!




Martini Please and Hold the Egg.

I’ll never again assume my drinks are vegan…yikes! Funny story…check it out!


I wanted to share a funny (it’s not really that funny considering…) story that happened to me a couple weeks ago. My best friend’s birthday party was at Bonefish Grill. Now, being a vegan for a year I knew going into this that I wouldn’t be able to eat much. I typically plan ahead for situations such as these. And just like usual I ate before I went with the intention of having a couple adult beverages to celebrate the occasion. As we started ordering I immediately put in my order for a raspberry martini. If you’ve never had a raspberry martini from Bonefish let me tell you, they are delish! I drink my absolutely fabulous martini and, being the light weight that I am, started feeling pretty good! I proceeded to look over the menu and see if there was anything I could possibly make vegan to snack on…

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Essential Oils Advocate!

So I know my blog title probably implies that I should most likely talk about food but I like to advocate for just about anything that is natural, loving and generally great on any level!

That’s where essential oils come in. Like I mentioned in my last blog, I had a bonfire this weekend and my friend was helping out which I was oober grateful for. This friend of mine is ‘Merica’ ::power fist:: all the way. How I live and what I eat are not American to her and she typically won’t try anything if she knows that it’s not her definition of ‘american’…which I’m still convinced I have no idea what her definition is haha

Regardless, a nice big ash fell right on her and burned her finger pretty badly. She was clearly in pain. So I suggested lavender oil to which she immediately rolled her eyes. I put it on and then about 20 minutes later soaked the bandaid pad in lavender oil and then sent her home with a little vile of it. I saw her the next day and she showed me her finger was almost completely healed (it had blistered and everything). She was pleasantly surprised.

With that being said, essential oils are where it’s at when it comes to just about anything ails you, especially first aid.

Let me know if miracle stories you have about essential oils! Post away! I would love to hear from you.

Good Vibes,


I Digress…

Ok, so the title sounds a little dramatic, I know.

This weekend a friend was in town and we had a bonfire with a bunch of friends over and went to pigeon forge the next day. Needless to say, preparation of food and necessary time we’re not at hand.

Of course, I didn’t not stray from the vegan or gluten free diet so do not worry! However, I was suppose to be detoxing and I doubt that accounted for much of what I ate.

For the bonfire a delicious vegan chili was made, veggies and hummus, raw cashew based jalepeno ‘cheese’ dip mixed with ‘rotel’ (I quote for an easier explanation) that was incredibly hard to stop eating. I did have available items to make s’mores but never got around to it. And of course a corn based adult beverage…if you know what I mean.

The next day caused much difficulty when I went to Margaritaville. For a place that is so chill and ‘beachy’ or for a restaurant based off a singer whose words were once sang ‘tried to amend my carnivorous habits’ had virtually zero vegan (veggie burger was vegan, had gluten…of course) options. I commend them for having a vegetarian menu, and a gluten free menu (yes, they were separate and did not have any of the same items on both menus…smh…not surprised). Getting creative, my friend and I order the tacos short of flour shells and any dairy based products. We asked that the waiter to tell the chef he could get creative, add lots of veggies, whatever, since the meal was expected to cost $15.99.

The waiter cautiously brought our food, with almost an embarrassed tone saying ‘this is what he came up with’ as he laid down a huge plate that held a cup of black beans, no more that a half a cup of rice, and literally a spoon full of pico. I know our jaws dropped. I could have gone to the store and come up with a better pre cooked solution than this, even in the basically vegan free pigeon forge area.

I did have to grab the waiter and honestly ask…’are we going to get charged full price for this bc it’s literally a side of beans and rice’?Luckily we had gotten the expensive nachos (with barely anything on them) and made the dinner in to something a little hardier. The waiter was wonderful. He only charged us for a side of beans and brought us a free side aside from the nachos we purchased.

Loved the waiter, loved the atmosphere (live music ::fist bump::) Regardless, won’t be doing that again.

Back at it this week once the leftovers from the weekend have passed. Then on to bigger and better things!

Oh and make me workout! I’m slacking!

Good Vibes,