Week 1-2 Schedule: Vegan Gluten Free Challenge

Here you will find everything you need to make it through your day successfully. From when to eat snacks, what meals to eat, and how much water to drink, you will find it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will try to answer to the best of my ability!

Week 1-2 (click below)

Vegan Gluten Free Challenge

Important things to remember!

1.) The first two weeks are a detox. This means that around day 3-5 you will feel rough (possibly flu like symptoms). That means that the detox is working and your body is doing a fine job of getting rid of all the crap you’ve put in it over the years. Your body has been fed a life time of toxic waste and the equivalent of secretly addictive drug-like foods …there will be some side effects of it coming out of your system.This will pass and you will start to feel amazing, just push through!

2.) Don’t forget to drink water! It’s the most important thing in detoxing. Our bodies are made up of water, we need it to function successfully!

3.) Decide in your mind, you are not going to eat out for the next 30 days, period. If your friends are going out, eat before you go, if you are going over to hang out, take your own snacks and know that you will not be able to eat anything available. It’s better to plan, than to be the grumpy ravenously hungry one in the group of friends.

4.) Speaking of planning, it’s key! You will get discouraged if you have not prepared yourself for your meals throughout the day. Cooking extra for lunch the following day and prepping food for dinner the morning or night before can save a tremendous amount of time if you have a hungry stomach upon arrival at home.

5.) If you can, do some light exercising, but it does not have to be a priority (especially the first time around). Exercising does not fix the unhealthy things that you put in your body or get rid of them. If you eat and live unhealthy and look fit, you are just masking the waste pit inside your body and it will catch up to you eventually…period. It may not be measured by how you look but it will be measured by possible disease and illness in the future.

6.) This challenge will be lighter compared to what you can eat, in the long run, from time to time. There are dozens of options out there to satisfy the junk food craving or sweet tooth we all get on occasion. The goal will be to decide that you will never eat the diet you use to and find different ways to keep the healthiest diet possible!

7.) WATCH THESE DOCUMENTARIES!! Forks over Knives, Vegucated, Food Inc, and FOODMATTERS. These will greatly inspire your lifestyle change and give you tons of evidence to help back your decisions to make a change!


I’m proud of you for wanting to make a big change to your lifestyle! If you need any support or help, contact me at veganglutenfreehealth@gmail.com!



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