Vegan Gluten Free Challenge Grocery List: Week 1

Week 1 Grocery List: (This will be for 1 person with the likelihood of extras, if buying for 2, multiply specific numbers of items, bags and bushels of products should be enough for at least 2 weeks)

Before you begin shopping, please note that you will need to check all ingredients to be sure that there is no wheat, dairy, and/or eggs in your the items that you are purchasing. If you have never checked labels before, you will be shockingly surprised at home much they sneak in to food. Dairy free DOES NOT equal vegan. A lot of things that lack dairy will still have eggs in them so be careful, down the road when you begin adding more in to your diet. I was looking at a bag of kettle cooked BBQ Potato chips the other day and noticed that it contained a milk ingredient! Why there would need to be a milk ingredient in BBQ flavoring is beyond me, but there it was. So don’t forget to read! Education is everything throughout your journey!


5 avocado

5 tomatoes

     Huge Box of Organic Spinach

Bag of Yellow Onions

1 Large Sweet Potato

1 Head of Garlic

5 Zucchini

Case of Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Basil

1 Spaghetti Squash

2 Heads of Broccoli

3-4 Various Bell Peppers

Stalk of Celery

Bag of Carrots

Bag of Apples

Bag of sun-dried Tomatoes

1 Portobello Mushroom Cap

6 Bananas

Baking Section:

Nutritional Yeast

Agave Nectar or Stevia (sweetener)

White Wine Vinegar

Safflower Oil

Unsalted Walnuts

Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s)

Cayenne Pepper

Chili Powder



Italian Seasonings


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder



Crushed Red Pepper


Grade A Maple Syrup

Chopped Pecans

Flax Seed

Dried Coconut


Soy Sauce (Bragg’s Amino Alternative)

Rice Vinegar

Pizza Sauce




Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)

4 Packages Extra Firm Tofu


3 Packages of Spinach

Box: QRUNCH: Quinoa Burgers


1 Bag of Quinoa (rice section)

There is a possibility that I missed some things. Please double check the ingredients to be sure you do not need to add anything to your list.


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